Honda cg Titan 2008 [Add-On | Tuning]

Honda cg Titan 2008 [Add-On | Tuning]

Offline Spawn Name: titan2008

– HQ interior
– HQ textures
– Hands on the handlebars
– collision deformation
– functional speedometer


Step 1:

Just place the titan2008 folder in that location using openIV:


GTA V >> mods >> update >> x64 >> dlcpacks

Step 2:

Add this line dlcpacks:/titan2008/ in the dlclist.xml file

Location of dlclist.xml:

GTA V >> mods >> update >> update.rpf >> common >> data

To ride the bike offline

chassis = motorcycle body
bonnet = front suspension and handlebars
rear bumper = rear suspension


Bike Credits:
Zenite 3D,

Piece credits:
Barbecue: Zenite 3D
Dore exhaust:
Edition: GarageDesign3D
Conversion for GTA 5: GarageDesign3D