Mk17 EFT [Replace, Modular] V1.0

Mart 10, 2023 - 22:36
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Mk17 EFT [Replace, Modular] V1.0

Mk17 EFT [Replace, Modular] V1.0 Mk17 EFT [Replace, Modular] V1.0 Mk17 EFT [Replace, Modular] V1.0 Mk17 EFT [Replace, Modular] V1.0 Mk17 EFT [Replace, Modular] V1.0

Replaces Heavy Rifle. Add magazines and muzzles directly.

3 different barrel lengths.
6 levels of stock expansion and contraction are available. Also includes folding stock.
Iron sight version and folded version.
Three types of flashlight mounting positions.
normal magazine. An extended magazine inspired by the WWZ Aftermath Battle Rifle.
2 types of AFG. 2 types of VFG.
las tac2 flashlight.
AAC762SD suppressor.
ELCAN Specter DR. I made an optical sight for the first time with this MOD.
peq15 and la5, rail cover. It also includes one that matches the mounting position of the flashlight.
Dark earth and Black colors.

Early on, we tried to fold the iron sights at the carbine node, but that didn’t work out as we expected, so we decided to separate them. In addition, as a result of considering all patterns, the body alone has increased to 42 types. Please try various things by yourself.
I think that there are many users who have already replaced with other optical sights and adjusted their zero-in, so I dared to replace the Specter DR with a heavy rifle iron sight so as not to ruin their zero-in.
The official Heavy Rifle didn’t have a dedicated magazine, so we decided to add one. I also made the muzzle separate to prevent vertex limit errors.
I tried to prevent my hands from interfering with the peq and fore grip as much as possible, but peq also interferes depending on the VFG and mounting position.
Only the story has been confirmed to work.

How to installation
Described in Readme.
Please read it carefully as it contains details. There are many types and it can be difficult to understand. Please also refer to the image.

You may encounter the glitches described in my forum topic.


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