BARRETT M107A1 + M82A3 [29inch + 20inch] V2.6

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BARRETT M107A1 + M82A3 [29inch + 20inch] V2.6

Barrett M107A1 V1.0

Barrett M107A1 V1.0 Barrett M107A1 V1.0 Barrett M107A1 V1.0 Barrett M107A1 V1.0 Barrett M107A1 V1.0

animation based on heavy sniper mk2.
movable bipod inspired by metroidguy’s MG42.
M107A1 standard muzzle brake and M82A1 muzzle brake.
QDL suppressor used in M107A1.
Only the QDL suppressor includes a aligned version of the CQB.
Black, FDE color, original grey texture.
It contains the custom meta I use.

The bipod is divided into a forward folding type and a rear folding type.
I couldn’t find a suitable model for the “M82 muzzle brake” and “QDL suppressor”, so I made my own.
I made it without any experience or knowledge of Zm3 or blender, so I think there are some parts that don’t look good.
We may add more features in the future.

Please Install “alexguirre’s Weapon Limits Adjuster” to avoid weapon related crashes.
Please read the Readme carefully as even a small mistake can cause a crash.
Operation has only been confirmed in single play and story. FiveM is unknown.
For official updates, the installation location and meta contents often change.

How to installation
Described in Readme.
Please read to the end as there are many steps.

When carried at the same time as the “heavy sniper”, in rare cases the magazine can become unnatural when reloading or the ejection port animation. The cause is unknown.

metroidguy’s MG42


M107 Call to Arms Dev.
original author RamGilamar
some textures me

M82 muzzle brake me
QDL suppressor me

M82A3 Convert Parts
original author Selim Kesici

Schmidt and Bender PMII scope /w BORS
original author xylq

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