The Business Mega Pack

Mart 30, 2023 - 14:01
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The Business Mega Pack

The Business Mega Pack 3.7 The Business Mega Pack 3.7 The Business Mega Pack 3.7 The Business Mega Pack 3.7 The Business Mega Pack 3.7

For anyone installing this mod, please know that the 5mods version is out of date!, I have decided to fully Redesign my Business mods, for the moment they are only available on my discord, link:, you can get the latest version in the #business-redesign-file tab in my discord, install video can also be found here :

t is also highly recommended that you have EAI installed

This is not a new mod it is just all business mods in one giant download as well as some extras that I recommend using to elevate your experience

Included in this package
Afterhours Business (Business Redesign Update 3.0.2)
Arena Wars Business (Business Redesign Update 3.0.2)
Biker Business (Business Redesign Update 3.0.2)
Executive Business(Business Redesign Update 3.0.2)
Gunrunning Busness (Business Redesign Update 3.0.2)
Doomsday Heist Business(Business Redesign Update 3.0.2)
Smuggler’s Run Business (Business Redesign Update 3.0.2)
Lamar’s Custom Classics Business (Business Redesign Update 3.0.2)
Diamond Casino and Resort Business (Business Redesign Update 3.0.2)
Celebrity Solutions Agency (Business Redesign Update 1.0.2)

Secondary (Optional)
Working Avenger
Lester’s Bribes And Interaction Menu
Open 60 Car Garage (Required!)
MK2 Ammo Giver

Latest version of GTA 5 (Legit not Pirated)
Open60CarGarage (included)
Open All interiors
Online Interiors

For each Business mod you want open The primary folder located inside TBMP folder, Next DO Not drop any folder starting with ! Like !ArenaWar Business, you need to enter that folder or your chosen Business and drop its contents into scripts folder and make sure scripts folder is named scripts and NOT Scripts, then you will need to install the latest version of NativeUi if you dont have it, and install SHDVN (Scripthookvdotnet) into Gtav root where PlayGTAV.exe is



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