More Trees And Street Lights Beta [XML] V1.0.3

Mart 15, 2023 - 01:54
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More Trees And Street Lights Beta [XML] V1.0.3

Hello if you don’t know who I am, I am trainguy gaming you might know me by my YouTube Channel if you watched any of my videos.

Another tree Mod

Yes yes I know I know there are a lot of tree mods out there. What made me make this mod, I got tired of looking at bare Los Santos and Sandy Shores and yes I could’ve used a tree mod that was already out there, but I really wanted to create and develop my own mod. I recently got into modding GTA V and making XML files is easy to make via Map Editor. Thanks to Gilbert Gamer for helping me get this mod started, and thanks to Your Fav Person for some desert trees. The installation guide is in the mod file.

More trees will be implemented in future updates.

Install: Drag and drop in main game directory (NOT IN SCRIPTS FOLDER)



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